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October 17 2011

Wär vl auch für @pi_ya interessant, glaub ich ... @manuelh: @electrobabe Darf ich fragen, bei wem ihr den Kurs macht =)?

September 15 2010

a short documentary on parisian artist-subversive Princess Hijab http://t.co/O44AvpQ #streetart

August 28 2010

August 10 2010

August 04 2010

A Russian man watches forest fires burn in Beloomut late on August 1, 2010. (ANDREY SMIRNOV/AFP/Getty Images)

July 30 2010

this is important. read it: The Acceleration of Addictiveness http://instapaper.com/zqq53t01i

July 28 2010

Dive Into HTML5

Tags: html5 ebook
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July 27 2010

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immer wieder gut
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July 19 2010

July 18 2010

July 15 2010

July 11 2010

July 10 2010

An In-Depth Look at How People Are Using the iPad mashable.com/...

July 05 2010

July 03 2010

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